Le Chateau Palace

Le Chateau Palace

PFM will give you good service

Le Chateau Palace is located in Alba Iulia Square, Romania. PFM handled all the needs of our customer. From the design stage, to the most demanding needs and expectations of an elevated public. Paying attention to the smallest detail when it came to the opening event.

In the design of Le Château Ballroom Bucharest, PFM's design team was inspired by modern style blends with classical luxury of the event salon layout. The brilliance is reflected in the extensive marble floors, the murals, the volume given by imposing columns, and crystal chandeliers.

The waterjet marble flooring pattern was made of luxurious gemstone; such as blue lapis. Le Chateau Palace's unique flooring design won't be found in Bucharest or anywhere else in the world.

Flooring Design by Jason Design.

  • Time:2013
  • Location: Bucharest, Romania
  • Area: 500 m²
  • Duration: 1 Months
  • Material: Sodillite blue, Spanish cream marfill molding, Spanish cream marfill tiles, Water jet medallion
  • Application: Banquet hall, Conference room, VIP room, Dining hall