Susan Chan

CEO & Founder

Let stone create its own legend

PFM- Let stone create its own legend

Most people think stone is lifeless and rigid, but each piece of stone has its own character. The combination of stone and architecture will create many possibilities.


In 2006, our founder Susan Chan started her small business in home office. In the early two years, she had only one employee and a tiny office. She even had to set up a night stall to afford the expenses.Even after many setbacks, she insisted her dream. And now, PFM is one of the largest construction companies for overseas projects.As an oriental woman, the essence of oriental culture and aesthetics has influenced her deeply. She is very keen on exploring the art of combining stone with architecture.


Susan Chan, the owner of the company, the beauty she pursuits is different from most women. She is more interested in the natural beauty of stone. As a Chinese woman, majored in architecture, she has been exploring the art of combining stone with architecture.


Splendid History

Introducing PFM to China’s ambassador Mr. Li Chen in Doha--- April 2019

Mr. Li Chen visited PFM booth in PROJECT QATAR show, and encouraged us to follow One Belt One Road  initiative

Reached quarry cooperation agreement in Tajikistan ---July 2017

Faroz Group, the owner of Spa Hayot and Ms. Susan Chan who was authorized representative signed agreement in Dushanbe

Shaking hands with president of Tajikistan Mr. Emomali Rahmon --- Dec 6th 2015

Miss Susan Chan was the only Chinese supplier who was invited and praised by Mr. President of Tajikistan on the opening ceremony of Spa Hayot Hotel

Taking picture with Yan Abramov---May 2014

Cooperating with Moscow famous banker Mr. Yan Abramov; husband of Russian singer Alsou. Mr. Yan Abramov has a mega-project in Urals.

Meeting famous Italian designer in Italy --- 2011

Meeting with a famous Italian designer in Verona stone show. Italy is always a place for inspiration.

pfm Service

Complete Supply Chain

We are your one-stop solution. Which contains providing natural stone building materials, rapid logistics and superior installation

Professional Design

We have professional and custom engineering drawings, such as 3D design and AutoCAD. We are always here for you, 24 hours a day for design consultations

On-site measurement

We provides a series of door-to-door measurement services; to meet your needs and save your treasured time

Installation Technology

We have over 20 years stone installation experience, and have dispatched workers to site installations all over the world

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