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Discovering the full range of beautiful marble fireplaces in PFM collection. Our varies selection is comprised of elegant marble fireplaces featuring elaborate carvings as well as some infuses with a contemporary twist.

With our diverse yet comprehensive range, we hope to find an antique or concise marble fireplace to act as the perfect centerpiece in your room.


We can offer a complete bespoke fireplace design and hand crafting service.

If you have an idea for a fireplace, would like to combine elements from a few different fireplaces, match your fireplace with other architectural elements or you have a picture of an antique fireplace that you would like to have replaced or reproduced, then we would be happy to help.


PFM specializes in hand-carving unique sculptures from natural stone and marble. Prior to commencing work on making the sculpture, we produce a CAD, 3D drawing for you to review.

Then our team can conduct a site visit to take detailed measurements and advise you on any stylistic issues. To ensure the scale and design of the sculpture complement the setting.


PFM experienced team of stone masons and carvers will produce your fireplace using time honoured tools and methods lending the fireplace both a traditional and unique quality.

Therefore, these traditional manufacturing processes ensure that the aesthetic is perfectly present and guarantee each piece is "distinctive and unique."


There are different kinds of fireplace for your reference, we’ll advise suitable solution based on your design and size.

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