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Senior Architect

Architect with experience in architectural, interior and landscape designs. Designed projects locally and internationally, scaling from large ones (mansions, hotels, company headquarters and commercial showrooms) to small ones (houses, private villas and apartments). Held a variety of positions with different degrees of responsibility (project manager, architectural supervisor, consultant and lead designer).


Creative Director

with her academic roots nestled in architecture (masters of architecture, university of edinburgh scotland united kingdom) and years of experience in the field of both architecture and interior design, doreen has been exposed to a litany of design practices since joining the industry.

doreen co-founded masterpieces design macau and then founded indefini & co (idn) for the purpose of creating a quintessentially indefinite design language in the firm's work in luxury design, as she believes that good design is fluid and adaptable towards any client's needs.


Senior Architect

Tajikistan modernist architectural designer, who designed many amazing and creative unique buildings. Such as SPA HAYOT in Dushanbe. A number of his buildings, including his private residence, have become famous attractions.As a longtime champion of sustainable design, he integrates sustainability into his projects.


Artistic Director

The international designer and the owner/president of Hi Tech Design is a design and architectural graduate from Crydon Tech in London, England. Modernistic in style, his designs represent a new era in which the essence of the raw materials are expressed through his designs. Kami Rezai specializes in residential and commercial design throughout the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area.



Luxury Design Director

Weisong Chen, a senior and independent designer with 20 years design experience and 8 years project management experience, had charged more than 300 villa and hotel projects.

His design comes from passion and energy for life. His customers are mainly homeowners, developers and contractors.

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