swimming pool mosaic


Wonderful waterscape art


Mosaic is a good make up for pool. Different mosaic designs will bring you different experience and mood. It will be the important appearance in front of your house.


PFM designers are devoted to customization for each customer, providing professional suggestions on design and color of the mosaic art through combining site environment and your personal request. What’s more, we’re able to lay out CAD drawings and 3D renderings before production. We aim for bringing the most gorgeous and best quality mosaics for your pool. We not only work together an art together, but also realize your dream.

artistic carving

PFM's mosaic art are all hand-made by excellent craftsmen inherited by a century-old family. They create works of art with super skills. listening to music. Their persume of supreme art ensure that the aesthetic is perfectly present and guarantee each piece is "distinctive and unique."

PROJECT showcase

Here are some pool projects we had done for your reference. We help to realize and meet your vision of what the pool should look like.


PFM team will provide a big range of mosaic types for you to choose from. And we will suggest suitable color and type based on your request and site environment. We'll provide many design options as reference and customize the only one for you after our discussion of proposals. Shop drawing will be provided before production.

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