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PFM's White Marble Quarry Is Being Mined Successfully

PFM’s quarry in Tajikistan yields white marble that is particularly clear and lustrous, setting it apart as a premium quality stone. This is a result of PFM’s years of persistent efforts in mining excellent white marble.

Applications in construction: Hotels, villas, exhibition halls, apartments, public spaces, commercial real estate.

Applications in position: Floors, walls, table surfaces, bathtubs, washbasins, carvings, artworks.

Susan Chan

Stone Art Enhancing Architecture

When Susan Chan was registering PFM in 2006, she deliberated extensively to find a name that would reflect the company's reliability and solidity, as well as signal a bright and prosperous future. Born into a modest family with parents dedicated to teaching and farming, she understood the paramount importance of honesty and keeping one's word— a promise is a promise. This ethos became our company motto: we must stand by our commitments to quality, timing, and service to our clients.

As an engineer, Susan's professional background has provided a significant advantage in her endeavors. Over the past 18 years, her and her team's dedication to creating valuable, appreciated, and astonishing projects that not only endure but also touch people's hearts, has spread across more than 106 countries. Our portfolio includes mansions, restaurants, national reception halls, hotels, business centers, churches, mosques, offices, apartments, and even sports stadiums.

Susan's passion isn't confined to her work alone. As the mother of two boys, she embodies love, generosity, care, enthusiasm, and inspiration. Her ambition is to create the world's most beautiful buildings, utilizing the most exquisite materials and innovative designs.

Her dream is to create works that integrate stone and architecture.

From Project Design to Completion

Dream Space Solutions

Entrance Hall

The entry door serves as a pivotal facade in luxury home design, ensuring both security and privacy while defining the overall style and welcoming guests.


Explore our diverse lobby styles! Modern luxury blends comfort, classical court style exudes elegance and history, contemporary design showcases sleek efficiency, and French style brings romance and refinement.

Living Room

An epitome of elegance, blending opulent furnishings with sophisticated design, creating a welcoming space for relaxation and entertainment.

Master Bedroom

An oasis of comfort and elegance, blending opulent furnishings with serene design, creating a private retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation.


An epitome of culinary sophistication, blending high-end appliances with exquisite design for gourmet pleasure.


A luxury bathroom is a sanctuary of elegance, featuring spacious layouts, high-end materials like marble and granite, advanced fixtures, and ambient lighting. It's a retreat within the home, blending comfort with sophisticated design.

our Service

What We Do

We are a one-stop service, design and construction contracting solution provider.

Design Service

We specialize in diverse villa designs, providing clients with 3D renderings and construction drawings. Our goal is to deliver a satisfying solution that matches their taste and identity.

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Installation Service

Installation service involves deploying a professional team to provide on-site technical support and installation guidance.

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Consulting Services

We offer consulting services for luxury home projects, including budget assessments and feasibility analysis of proposed plans.

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On-Site liaison Service

on-site liaison service involves our technical and business teams visiting the project site for surveys and coordination before project collaboration.

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One-Stop Service

We offer a one-stop procurement service, providing various natural stone and soft furnishing products. Our team ensures accuracy throughout the entire procurement to delivery process.

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Procurement Service

procurement service entails acting as the client's purchasing agent, acquiring products outside of the project scope to ensure the smooth progress of the entire project.

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completed 105 projects in 117 countries and regions

Featured Projects

private palace

Palestine Private Palace Villa Project

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private palace

Tajikistan Luxury Palace Project

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latest News

News & Insights

  • PFM CEO Susan Attends China-Tajikistan Investment Forum Showcasing Global Influence.
    PFM CEO Susan Attends China-Tajikistan Investment Forum Showcasing Global Influence.Jun 22,2024
    Yesterday, Susan, the CEO of PFM, had the honor of attending the China-Tajikistan Trade and Investment Forum. The event left a profound impression on her, particularly the speech by the Chinese ambassador, which emphasized the strong cooperation between China and Tajikistan in investment and trade. The ambassador highlighted the geographical proximity and interconnectedness of the two nations
  • PFM One Stop Luxury Home Solution at Big 5 Saudi 2024
    PFM One Stop Luxury Home Solution at Big 5 Saudi 2024Mar 6,2024
    At Big 5 Saudi 2024, PFM showcased its expertise in one-stop luxury home solutions, captivating the Middle Eastern market with our premium stone materials and bespoke renovation services. With a 12-year legacy, our exhibit marked a new era for high-end living in the region.
  • PFM is now in Indianapolis
    PFM is now in IndianapolisSep 25,2023
    Indianapolis is a state in the middle of United States. After our CEO Susan Chan's visit to New York, she arrived to Indianapolis small and beautiful city called Carmel, to visit a client who is now refurbishing a house which is 30 years old.

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PFM-Let stone create its own legend.

Most people think stone is lifeless and rigid, but eachpiece of stone has it's own character. The combination of stone and architecture will create many possibilities Witness more works about stone and architectural art !
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