Luxury Brass Railing


Customize your royal brass railing for staircase


Staircase are the most important part of villa decoration, and luxurious brass staircase railing can add a sense of luxury to the entire space. It reflects the noble and elegant taste of the owner. PFM can provide one-stop solution for brass handrail staircase, including brass balcony railing design, brass handrail 3D design, staircase measurement support and installation technology. We have experience to provide you with design ideas to create a brass stair railing to matches your heart and best suits the space.


PFM have strict requirements on the material of brass railing. In order to maintain the texture and natural luster of copper metal for a long time, our copper content is as high as 65%, which is of higher quality than the same industry.

Staircase Brass Handrail
Royal Brass Railing for Staircase
Luxury staircase Railing Royal design
Staircase Brass Handrail
Marble staircase brass handrail
Malachite gemstone brass railing brass handrail with green peacock stone
bespoke brass handrails for stairs
antique brass stair handrail


Every copper armrest is handwork burnish comes out, among them delicate detail always makes a person admire unceasingly. Inheriting the elegant beauty of traditional art.

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