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PFM has been providing materials and services to 116 countries & regions since 2006. 
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Building Materials Catalogue 

PFM Project Catalogue
Representative Projects
1. Qatar Mosque and Prime Minister's Office  Project
2. Doha Modern Palace Project
3. Tajikistan SPA Hayot Projet
4. Tajikistan Private Villa
5. Chechnya Fountain and Swimming Pool Project
6. Private Palace and Majlis Project
7. Beverly Hills Project 
PFM Natural Stone Material Collection 
1.Material collection: marble, limestone, travertine, granite,onyx , mosaic,precious stone 
  2.Marble Medallion collection    
3.Fireplace & fountain collection
4.Statue and sculpture collection
Luxury Semi-Precious Stone Collection

1.Agate series 
2.Onyx series
3.Shell mosaic series product recommendations    
4.Appreciable variety product recommendations   

Water Fountain Catalogue
1.Classical Fountains
2.Statuary Fountains
3.Wall Fountains
4.Natural Stone Swatches
5.The Bespoke Process
Large Water Fountain Processing
Large Marble Water fountain Processing 
Steps of Water Fountain Installation
Installation Instructions for Marble Fountain

Marble Fireplace Catalogue
1.Classics Fireplace
2. Statue Animal Fireplace
3.Modern Marble Frieplace
4.The Bespoke Process
5.Natural Stone Swatches

                                                                                               Technical support

Calacatta Marble flooring Repairing Process
Calacatta Marble flooring Repairing Process
VILLA Windows & Doors Installation
Instruction of  Windows & Doors Installation 

Grand Staircase 
1.Types of Staircase
2.PFM Staircase Project
3.The Key Point of Curved Staircase

Crystallization Treatment Of Marble Floor
1. Why Need Crystallization
2. What Is Crystallization
3. 8 Step of Crystallization Process
4. Tool & Accessories

We want to keep you updated with our product, project and technical guidance which will be soon in our portfolio.