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Ideal tree is made of inlay and glazed mosaic

Ideal tree is made of inlay and glazed mosaic

Issue Time:2022/05/11

Ideal Tree

It has a unique temperament of being like a tree, with movement and stillness, a calm and independent character, a thoughtful beauty, and an imaginary wisdom.


Mural material: Inlay and glazed mosaic

Mural size: 5.50m x 6.30m

Mural author: Professor Chen Lushou, Hubei Academy of Fine Arts

The mural is conceived with the symbol and implication of a tree, expressing the humanistic spirit of the university. 

Using hand-inlaid art forms and glazed mosaic materials to convey beauty, create a spiritual field of physical and mental images, endow youthful imagination, entrust the ideal of youth, and symbolize the ideal of spiritual adulthood and professional achievement.