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Exquisite Skirting Structure Details of The Hardcover Room

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Exquisite Skirting Structure Details of The Hardcover Room

Issue Time:2020-05-20
The most completed detail design
People are the standard, but only the most demanding standards can satisfy the most discerning eyes.

The ultimate in value always shines in the details.

Today, we will share with you the very insignificant but touching interior details.
Exquisite skirting structure details of the hardcover room
Stone steps and stone walls
Stone steps and plasterboard walls
Profile approach
Stone steps and metal kicks
Metal recessed kick
Wooden baseboard and plasterboard wall
Wooden steps and gypsum board wall
Metal kick
Metal skirting and plasterboard wall construction
Metal skirting (recessed) and gypsum board wall construction
Metal + wood base (built-in wire)
Metal kick structure
Metal kick structure
Hidden LED lights
This can be used as a kick or as a waistline, with LED light strips on the top and bottom
Wooden kick structure
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