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PFM Crystallization treatment of marble flooring

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PFM Crystallization treatment of marble flooring

Issue Time:2019-11-14
PFM Crystallization treatment of marble flooring
The crystal finish has a highly reflective surface, which will display the vibrancy of the stone's colors as well as the"character"of the stone. The texture is very smooth and is not very porous. It's also easier to keep a crystal finish stone with clean and free of stains because its seal closes the pores of the stone's surface and repels moisture.
Crystallization treatment (also known as re-crystallization or vitrification) is actually a chemical process which is currently the most ideal maintenance method of stone surface. 

It is to use the crystallization treatment agent and the heavy-duty processor, under the dual action of chemical and physical, to form a hard and dense crystallization layer on the surface which not easy to be damaged and ensure the essential properties of the stone. 

1.To protect the stone surface from pollutes and scratches;
2. Aims to give more value to the marble, as it takes on a brighter appearance;
3. This technique can be used on any type of floor in marble, granite, limestone and travertine, for the finishing of new surfaces or the restoration of worn floors;
4. Crystallization has a lower cost than traditional polishing process.
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